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"For over 10 years the staff at Westerbeke and R.B. Grove have provided us with the same commitment and excellent service that we offer our customers. The R.B. Grove team is always ready to do whatever it takes to get the job done!"--Jodie West, Mattos Marine Diesel Service

Diesel Fuel Filtration

Today's Filters for Today's Marine Engines

Diesel Fuel Filtration by Separ Filter (Click for PDF)
Diesel Fuel Filtration
by Separ Filter

SEPAR 2000 is a water and fuel separator designed to accommodate newer and more demanding diesel engines. In marine use, the SEPAR 2000 series protects your engine form harmful impurities.

What Separ is Made of

The SEPAR 2000 brand of filters are manufactured from high quality non corroding aluminum alloy casting, heavy polycarbonate or metal bowls and stainless steel hardware. Single and Duplex systems are available from 80 GPH to 2060 GPH. The Duplex switch assemblies allow element replacement while the engine is running.

Diesel Fuel Filters by Separ Filter (Click for PDF)
Diesel Fuel Filters
by Separ Filter

Benefits of Having a Separ Filter

  • Small physical size
  • High flow rate
  • Low restriction
  • Long life filter elements
  • More economical
  • Easier installation
  • 5-stage filtration

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